Favorite Bakeries in Central Kentucky


Favorite Bakeries in Central Kentucky

Here’s to the sweetest job around – compiling a roundup of some of the best bakeries in Central Kentucky! Enter a sweet shop and the aroma of freshly baked goods will transport you to a confectioner’s wonderland. I’m excited to share some outstanding options from locally owned shops this year. Let’s get started exploring some of my favorite bakeries in Central Kentucky, in no particular order…


LA PETITE DÉLICAT – Lexington, Kentucky

Home to the best macarons around, LaPetite Délicat is located in the Warehouse District of Lexington, Kentucky. Owner Sylviana Herrin has been baking the perfect macaron since 2013! Crispy on the outside, soft within, these incomparable pastries are filled with mouth-watering ganache, buttercream, caramel and jams. Amazing flavors enchant, such as matcha, espresso, rose water buttercream, pecan bourbon, plus seasonal favorites.

I particularly like La Petite Délicat’s dedication to beginning from scratch and using the finest ingredients available (hormone free eggs, real butter, the finest chocolate and no preservatives).

In her own words:
Best Seller- My bakery started as just a macaron shop, specializing in these delicate treats. However, we have expanded our offerings to include a wide variety of treats and pastries, ranging from croissants, danishes, cruffins, scones, quiche, tarts, cheesecake, muffins, granola bars, toffee brittle and more.
Known For- Surprisingly, our best seller remains the macarons to this day! This is likely why we are recognized as the best place to get macarons.
What Makes You Unique- What sets us apart is the uniqueness of our products- everything you see in the bakery is made from scratch. We don’t compromise on quality and consistently use the best ingredients within our means.
Best Part About Owning Your Bakery- Our passion lies in creating treats and pastries that not only taste wonderful but are also visually beautiful and distinctive.

La Petite Délicat | 722 National Avenue, Lexington, KY 40502  (859) 266-0041

CHOCOMANIA– Georgetown, Kentucky

Stepping into Chocomania in downtown Georgetown is like entering Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory! Your eyes will dance as you behold the lines of display cases, “chocked” full of tantalizing, hand-dipped chocolates. Relax in their comfy dessert cafe and experience the deliciousness of a melting, cocoa confection. For a fantastic treat, head to Georgetown for the greatest chocolate ever. Owner Christine and family will make you feel right at home.  

In her own words:
Best Seller- Chocolate truffles and Death by Chocolate cake.
Known For- Chocolates and desserts.
What Makes You Unique- Using quality ingredients! Authenticity.
Best Part About Owning Your Bakery- Every day is a different day! Resiliency and ability to turn challenges into opportunities for improvement and success.

Spend some time exploring downtown Georgetown, Kentucky and make a day of your visit!

Chocomania | 117 N Broadway, Georgetown, KY 40324  (502) 316-1345

INEBRIATED BAKER – Lexington, Kentucky

Feelin’ boozy? Danielle of the Inebriated Baker will delight you with her “spirited” cupcakes in the Fayette Mall. Unlike many who cook the alcohol out or add a tiny injectable, Inebriated Baker keeps it genuine by carefully pairing alcohol and zesty flavors to create your favorite drink. It’s an edible cocktail™ with a kick! Danielle’s products are steeped in alcohol and truly tipsy. Visit her shop at the Fayette Mall and request an enticing sample before choosing.

In her own words:
Best Seller- Strawberry daiquiri, salted caramel bourbon ball martini and chocolate cherries jubilee.
Known For- Boozy cupcakes and cheese spreads and a pure growing line of D8 and D9 edibles.
What Makes You Unique- We are a bakery specializing in small batch BOOZY cupcakes, pies, desserts, candies and cheese spreads.
Best Part About Owning Your Bakery- Mentoring other women and minority-owned, aspiring business owners

Check out the cool marketing photos by yours truly while you’re there.

Inebriated Baker| 3401 Nicholasville Rd Suite D413, Lexington, KY 40503  (859) 823-LUSH (5874)

Are these photos are making you dreamy? Don’t stop now, read more of my favorite bakeries in Central Kentucky.

MARTINE’S PASTRIES– Lexington, Kentucky

Martine’s Pastries opened its doors 25 years ago on a dream and a prayer. These days you’ll see owner Martine everywhere, including appearances in bridal magazines and at local events. Visit her shop on Saturdays for a rotating sweet or savory waffle breakfast. Don’t leave without a slice of her famously scrumptious pistachio cake!

In her own words:
Best Seller- Our best sellers are cakes such as our celebrations cakes decorated for Valentine’s Day and of course our wedding cakes for after Valentine’s Day.
Known For- We are known for our pistachio cakes and selection of pastries.
What Makes You Unique- We are unique for our French-influenced, gourmet and artistic bakery, café and cake creations and a dedication to service with a personal touch.
Best Part About Owning Your Bakery- My favorite thing about owning a business is that it’s born from dedication and the freedom to develop a team to create the product of our dreams.

Martine’s Pastries | 400 East Third Street, Lexington, KY 40508  (859) 231-9110

KRISTEN’S KREATIONS– Versailles, Kentucky

The cutest little bakery, Kristen’s Kreations resides in Versailles, Kentucky. This baker’s goodies are sweet, as is Kristen! Visit her upscale shop in downtown Versailles, festooned to the hilt with pretty shades of pink. The decorative front window beckons while a sugary bouquet wafts across the entrance to entice visitors inside.

In her own words:
Best Seller- Chocolate chip cookie.
Known For- Custom cakes.
What Makes You Unique- My love for people and my motto Eat Cake Spread Joy. It’s more than a cake, it’s an experience.
Best Part About Owning Your Bakery- Being able to serve people!

Kristen’s Kreations | 110 S Main Street, Versailles, KY  (859) 251-4000

Be sure to take in the cute shops and restaurants in downtown Versailles. Click to read more about this cozy,

little Kentucky town.  

CARAMANDA’S BAKE SHOPPE– Lexington, Kentucky

Recently relocated to the Lansdowne stores, Caramanda’s Bake Shoppe has spread its wings! Owner Melissa is now enjoying a larger space. They offer café style seating and a variety of irresistible delectables. As a taster, I sample an assortment and Caramanda’s extends a rotating selection of flavorful cupcakes from which to choose. Delight in Birthday Bombshell, Cotton Candy, Wilderness Trail Bourbon Ball, Key Lime, Red Velvet and the list goes on.

In her own words:
Best seller- Birthday cakes
Best known for- Our cupcakes.
What Makes You Unique- We help make celebrations memorable. We really love creating custom cakes for our customers … something that is very personalized and specific.
Favorite thing about owning business- The flexibility it gives me to raise my family and have a creative outlet.

Caramanda’s Bake Shoppe | 2220 Nicholasville Road, Lexington, Kentucky 40503  (859) 278-7172

EUROPEAN DELIGHTS BAKERY– Nicholasville, Kentucky

In July of 1989, Vladimir and Tatyana Gavrilov migrated with their seven children to the United States from the former Soviet Union. Unable to speak English and with limited knowledge of what to expect, they were well aware America was a land of opportunity, religious freedom and a better future for their children.

After spending years working and learning in bakeshops, the mother/daughter team of Tatyana and Elena opened European Delights in Brannon Crossing in 2010. And the rest is history! Preparing fresh each morning with select ingredients, their cakes are flowing with velvety chocolates, rich creams and luscious fruits.

In Their Own Words:
Best Seller- Our best sellers from our standard menu would probably be our Almond Croissant, which is one of our breakfast pastries and our Fruit Tart and Strawberry White Chocolate cake from our cakes and dessert cases.
Known For- We’re known for our wide range of European pastries and desserts that are all made in-house daily.
Best Part About Owning Your Bakery- I think our favorite part of running the bakery and something we’re truly honored to do is be able to create a welcoming atmosphere where families and friends can gather to share a bakery experience that usually turns into a tradition. We love being a part of the Bluegrass community and love sharing our passion for European baked goods with our guests.

European Delights | 221 E Brannon Rd, Nicholasville, KY 40356  (859) 271-7000

I created a feast for the eyes and palate using many of these fresh baked treats. I hosted a little Galentine’s Get-Together and these luscious, local pastries were a huge hit!

Now that you’ve had a taste of the excellence some of my favorite bakeries in Central Kentucky have to offer, come join in the merriment!

Here’s to the sweetest job around – compiling a roundup of some of the best bakeries in Central Kentucky! Enter a sweet shop and the aroma of freshly baked goods will transport you to a confectioner’s wonderland. I’m excited to share some outstanding options from locally owned shops this year.